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Your idea.

Our goal.

We build innovative solutions, solve complex global problems, and provide clarity in an age of disruption and noise.
We help people think differently and imagine the art of the possible.
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Maximize your resources and success as you launch your solution through a clearly defined strategic roadmap.
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You have the idea that just needs to be realized. How do you build it and prove it?
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Transitioning from first revenue to operations is critical in minimizing churn and increasing adoption.
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At Barrington Edge, we see the world differently. Our multidisciplinary team of strategy consultants, functional experts, designers, and technologists help solve our clients’ most challenging business problems. We are professional entrepreneurs who partner with exceptional companies and brilliant inventors to build world-class solutions to address global problems, and to help accelerate this innovation to a global stage.

Our clients and partners

Core beliefs

Accelerated change

We live in an age of accelerated change and disruption, requiring innovative business models and solutions for both mature companies and startups alike.

Abundant yet rare

Ideas are plentiful, but great, concise, well-presented ideas are rare.

Anticipate and adapt

The future is unknowable, but preparation is possible.


Learn from each other and elevate capability.


Buzz gets you in the door, depth keeps your audience focused. Decisions are supported by data.

Listen first

Regardless of experience or seniority, we listen to each other and our customer.

Privacy in a Pandemic

  • Andrew Aikens
Key highlights: Only collect what you need, and be able to prove it Don’t do any medical screening without a health care…

Basement to boardroom

  • Ryan Donovan
Barrington Edge seeks to partner with individuals and organizations who have identified a significant commercial opportunity…

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  • Where we do business:
"anywhere with a data connection
and a cup of coffee"
  • Head Office: 1326 Barrington Street Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1Z1
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