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In a world of increasing complexity, Barrington Edge has evolved as a professional services firm that accelerates growth and innovation for our clients. Whether you are a startup with a bold idea or a mature company facing disruption or a major challenge, our team is eager to help.

Our team is made up of experienced management consultants, strategists, IT professionals, efficiency experts, industry experts and business professionals, many of whom previously held CTO, CFO, CEO or CIO roles in large businesses. Together with our sister company at Barrington Consulting, we have an unparalleled track record of success. From Ideation to Realization, our team will help you achieve your goals quickly and with tremendous success.

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Our Founders

Dennis Young and Andrew Creaser founded Barrington Edge in October, 2016 as part of The Barrington Group of Companies.  Our focus was to support clients under threat from market disruption, regulatory change, competition or problematic business processes that no longer work – to identify the root cause and remedy.

Our focus outside the traditional market of The Barrington Consulting Group allowed us to forge new partnerships and a different type of client.  Our modus operandi has become embracing change, moving rapidly and supporting the burgeoning ecosystem of young companies who are changing the world every day.

Dennis Young
Andrew Creaser

Our Stories

Ideation from Basement to Boardroom

Our team assisted a founder with an napkin idea and an extreme amount of drive to change the world, to tracks of R&D, proof of concept demonstration, investor support, alpha lab results and full beta in-person testing of a methodology in Sweden. Our team required Jizelle to handle the project management, Robin and Ryan focusing on the R&D of the technology and Jason, Andrew and Adam doing the system development, in-person testing and media marketing materials for both Sweden and Canada. Our ongoing partnership with the founder allows him to scale is organization up and down according to the needs of the market and his customers.

Digital Government

Nadia, Lauren, Mark and Rolene - as part of a major digital strategy and delivery team - are leading program innovation, service design and implementation for a major provincial government organization.

Start-up Acceleration

Dennis and Ian assisted an international start-up from early stage acceleration through to first operations including concept design, product/solution maturity, capital raise, corporate structure and market validation.

Transformation from Disruption

Andrew, Dennis and Rolene led a multi-disciplinary team to assist a Higher Education Institution through the development of a major business strategy to address major changes brought on through disruption in Education and Skills Development.

ITIL/ITSM within a North American IT Services Firm

Dennis, Adam, Lauren and Logan led a major initiative as part of a joint client team to innovate processes and solutions for a mature start-up company in the US with operations across North and Latin America. Designed and implemented Lean Six Sigma processes, coached and mentored staff, developed Service Desk Maturity Models, helped implemented detailed analytics and service delivery key performance indicators. Developed a product enhancement to address distributed location financial and operational efficiencies.

Start-up Acceleration Performance Modelling

Dennis and Logan led a team of consortium partners through an extensive modelling project to assist multiple stakeholders including government, Start-Up Incubators, Private Companies and Industry Associations build a cohesive strategy to fuel the growth and commercialization of technology start-up companies. The work included a global scan of network accelerator success models.

Value Proposition Design

Ian, Connie and Taylor worked with Novalte on their value proposition design by conducting in-depth market research and analysis, customer interviewing and profiling. This work fed into developing Novalte's sales materials and sales strategy.

Scaling and Commercialization

Ian has worked with Cove Kombucha on developing their scaling and commercialization strategy. This engagement was at a critical juncture which saw Cove transition from a leading regional consumer packaged good brand (CPG) to a leading national CPG brand.

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