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Supporting your customer in the era of success
Category: Corporate
13 Mar

Supporting your customer in the era of success

What is support in 2020? Unfortunately, I think we carry a lot of misconceptions about what it is from our own experiences and from what support has looked like in the past. We may envision call centres and the tiered hierarchy, but a lot of these ideas are changing because of a higher expectation from..

09 Mar

Chez EDGE , nous parlons aussi français

Nous utilisons votre langage, quel qu’il soit! Vous voulez expliquez votre idée à des investisseurs mais ils ne parlent pas le même langage que vous. Vous êtes plus confortables en français mais la majorité de vos investisseurs potentiels voudraient une description en anglais. Chez EDGE, nous pouvons vous aider à revoir votre présentation et la..

02 Mar

Our work in Kista, Sweden

Supporting ELi Technology in Kista, Stockholm Sweden has afforded the opportunity for our team to be exposed to organizations that work in Sweden to build and concentrate innovation, smart cities, engineering progress and collaboration with people who are at the forefront of information, communication and technology (ICT). Our teams were deployed to Kista to produce..

20 Jan

Technical debt – paying the piper

One of the most challenging parts of working on a proof of concept or alpha revision of a solution is judging when to stop hurdling forward and revisit and judge your own work.  When do you pay the piper? When is technical debt acceptable?  bad? When do you pay your technical debt? Technical debt forms..

10 Jan

The Atlantic Canada start up community

Living here, you can feel it. When I first left Acadia University in 2001, I went to work for a small Halifax company that was creating e-learning content with specific focus around accounting, risk assessment and other content critical to professionals doing their thing.   It was great for me – as it taught me how..

09 Jan

Basement to boardroom

Barrington Edge seeks to partner with individuals and organizations who have identified a significant commercial opportunity and want to make the world a better place through action and perseverance.  Barrington Edge has assisted “basement founders” reach the “boardroom” with their ideas through early involvement in the initial phases of starting a business. Barrington Edge provides..

01 Jan

What’s in a team?

Access to our sister organization provides access to skillsets, experience and capacity across multiple industries and types of work.

04 Nov

Founders emotions

  • November 4, 2019
  • Dennis Young

You have reached that critical tipping point in your life where you want to create a product that will change the world. You have labored over a design, borrowed from friends and family and your life savings, and have quit your job in order to focus exclusively on this project. You now have an MVP,..

05 Aug


We have all been in a situation where we are struggling to motivate someone to up their game. Whether it is an employee, a direct report executive, a team member, team lead, or project resources, the frustrations are all too common. Someone is not pulling their weight. We have resorted to labeling these people as..