A major global shift is happening in how we do business.

We are living in an era of major business disruption and monumental change to business models. Digital businesses such as Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, and Amazon have completely challenged the traditional bricks and mortar supply chain. Traditional suppliers need to innovate quickly to remain in the game, and those who do are becoming major winners.

Barrington Edge was created to respond to this tipping point.

360 Analysis
Innovative Design
Measureable Results
We believe that accelerated innovation must be a predictable driver of growth and profitability for our clients.
We define innovative strategies and develop unique technology solutions to solve our client's most challenging business problems.

Whether our clients are under threat from market disruption, regulatory change, competition, or a major business process that no longer works, we get to the root cause quickly. Our full service team of strategists, process experts, customer engagement specialists, researchers and technology gurus quickly define and leapfrog the problem through innovation, process optimization, skill, and competency enhancement.

Corporate Governance
Process Optimization
Solution design and development
Finance & Commerciali-zation
Change management
While our clients always worry about the changing landscape, their business model allows them to stay ahead of the shifts that are happening. They feel the impact of us being on their team.
Dennis Young, CMC

Dennis Young is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Barrington Edge. He brings over thirty years of industry, technology and consulting experience to the team. He has been a CEO, CIO, and CFO in multiple industries including technology, manufacturing, logistics and distribution and telecom, and Managing Partner of several national practices of a big four consulting firm. He has worked across many industries, all levels of government and healthcare, and has led complex projects across North America, Europe and the Caribbean. Dennis is passionate about innovation and is excited about leveraging the talents of joint Edge and client teams to design the future of their business model.

Andrew Creaser

Andrew Creaser is Co-Founder and President of Barrington Edge. Andrew spent many years in a Big Four Managing Consulting Firm and founded The Barrington Consulting Group fifteen years ago. Andrew specializes in structuring and managing large complex transformation projects, leading clients through the difficult realities of change through implementation.